State Island Fields set to reopen with the support of Marquis and BTF

The League complex was opened in the State Island Field amidst a ceremony of lighting. The complex survived damage worth $ 1.5 from a storm. The fund of baseball assisted in ensuring renovation of $ 235,000 from MSB. Jason Marquis an ex- champion conversed with minimum of 100 children wearing uniforms. Jason Marquis helped in securing State Island League a third position against Canada in a World Series League for the little when he was 13 years of age.

Marquis is recovering from his injury and told reporters that last five years were testing time for him and he wants to be back to play for his home and assist them in any form. He inspired the youthful ball players with his speech. According to the speech the youth are inspiring him to revitalize his energies to come back stronger and fitter. Be it the Mets or the Yankees he wants to play against all.

Cathy Bradley executive director of BTF sought his homecoming as perfect timing with the opening up of State Island Fields. The storm caused widespread damage by bringing in water to the field of the State Islands with dug outs submerging under 9 foot water, the press box crampled with dumpsters and the walls dilapidated. It was difficult for the league to bounce back on its own but everyone chipped in including the BTF and helped in restoring the field. The lighting was well restored by Musco on three sides of the field and many sponsors and donors came out to donate.

The league has its own historical legacy of baseball and softball played by the young community. Without Marquis and the support of partners and sponsors the revival would not have been possible.