Pedro Martinez jabs New York Mets fans

Even on his path into Cooperstown, it appears quite clear that playing against New York Yankees meant a lot more to Pedro Martinez than playing for New York Mets.

On Tuesday, Martinez was elected to Hall of Fame, took a swipe at the fats of Mets.

Martinez told that coming over to New York Mets really got him to understand New York fans as well as their fan base.

He would say that Queens is a bit different than Yankees fans. In Queens, they are wild and they are not happy. They settle for what they have. The Yankees rooters do not. It is ‘Win or nothing win or nothing.’ Martinez had great experiences in both The Bronx and Queens, therefore, he must know about all these things.

He pitched quite well and they won fifteen matches in his 1st season with NY Mets, coming to Shea Stadium after leading Red Sox to World Series in the year 2004, but injuries spoiled his next 3 years in New York and did very little to add to the resume of his Hall of Fame.

What took him to the Cooperstown were his Boston years that include the epic battles with NY Yankees in both playoffs and regular season. Martinez told that he learned a lot while coming over to New York as a visitor with Red Sox and also coming later on as well as dressing in uniform of Mets.