1. Spend twice as much time on your hitting as you do on your defense. Hitting is a tough skill to learn, refine and master. It takes a lot of time to become a highly skilled hitter and ultimately, team selections are often made based on who can contribute offensively.

2. Select the heaviest bat you can swing without losing bat speed or developing faulty mechanics. This will give you maximum power.

3. Hold the bat with your fingers. You have considerably more strength and control with your fingers rather than your palms.

4. Adjust your placement in the box according to the type of pitcher you are facing. For example, move up in the box when facing dropball pitchers and move back in the box when facing riseball pitchers.

5. Don’t change your swing right before the season or during the season. A new swing takes too much time to learn. You can make minor adjustments but no big chances. The best time to change your swing is right after the season.

6. Stay loose at the plate. Tensed muscles are slow muscles and to be successful at the plate, you need to be quick. Relaxed muscles fire more quickly.