What is coaching? It is a way of relating to people in order to help bring out the best in them. I suspect there are many similarities in coaching and in leading or managing any kind of company or business organization. We all have coaches in our lives - people who help guide, teach and motivate us to be the best we can be. They are our parents, teachers, friends, and sports team coaches. It is indeed a special role, and one I have loved. Over the years that I have been involved in college coaching, I have learned a great deal. I learn new concepts every year from my teams and from the experiences we share together.

I have formulated a number of principles over the years to guide me as I assume the privilege of leading another team through a year of learning, practice, improving, competing and becoming the best team we can be. These are the principles that govern my duties as coach.

softball coaching tips - how to improve effectiveness when coaching softball
1) Believe Strongly in What You are Doing and That What You Are Committed To is Important

I believe in Augustana College, in its mission, and that it has a great education, great facility and administrators, a great atmosphere and a great athletic program. I feel very good about recruiting a student to Augustana because of this.

I believe what I am doing is important because I have the chance with my role as a coach to really be involved in young people’s lives at a time when they need counsel and direction. They are growing up, making decisions about their future, struggling with problems - family, school, roommate(s), boyfriend. It’s good to be able to support them as they go through this part of their lives.

Problems such as academic concerns, family illness and sports injuries, as well as boyfriend or roommate problems are common and significant. Support at these times in a college student’s life can be crucial.

I also believe in the value of athletics for women - what it teaches about discipline, teamwork, excellence and commitment. I believe it provides excellent experience in leadership, helps cultivate lasting friendships, and allows women to have the same chance at an athletic scholarship as men do.